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Food Service Tomatoes

The Food Sercice Tomato is the first non-leaking tomato. The structure of these tomato makes it the ideal tomato for slicing, dicing and cutting in any other form without losing its shape. The ability to retain the juice results in a lasting fresh appearance after cutting. These characteristics, together with the deep red color make this a very convenient tomato for fresh salads, pizza topping, sandwiches or as a cooking tomato.

30x40 tray

Brand Specifications

ProductNunhems Intense tomato
Fruits  solid and deep red
Weight range 75-85 gr per tomato
Measurement range 47-57 mm
Texture Firm tomato with thin skin
Taste Spicy and good taste
Shelf life Good shelf life
Store Outside the refrigerator at a temperature of 15-18°C
Available Year round
Outlets Shops with an extensive and high quality vegetables, specialty greengrocers.
Packaging 5 kg box, EPS or small pack
Purchase price As desired, based on daily, weekly or seasonal prices

This company is a member affiliated with the GMO-recognized growers' association ZON, our products are sold exclusively through ZON. 

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